Token Details

Coin Artii Token
Symbol ARTII
Token Supply 2,000,000,000
Blockchain Network ETH
Total Volume : 2,000,000,000
Token Distribution
Founder (1 year Lock)                            10%
Marketing                                                12%
Team (1 year Lock)                                12%
Token Eco System                                60%
Sales                                                     6%


ARTII Token Contract Address : 0x07a858fc699f99ddf2b186bf162fd7f4d42f7f63

Token Utility

Short Token Description

Governance Community Token for DeFi & NFT ARTII Coin is based on Financial settlement solutions such as NFT, Defi, Crypto, Fiat, Visa, Master card, derivative platforms such as loans, leverage, futures options, OTC & much more.

Token Usage

Artist, DeFi, NFT, Social Etc. ecosystem basic payment method

Summarizing, the ARTII Token has the following utility

• Acting as a medium for the exchange of value in peer to peer way
• As a token for the creation and issuance of NFTs
• As a payment token for accessing ARTII NFT Platform
• As a payment token for accessing Social Media content.
• As a token for trading in - artist assets
• As a token for entry into the ARTII Ecosystem
• As a native token for exchanging or trading value in the ARTII NFT marketplace
• All lending and borrowing activities are performed in ARTI Token
• As a payment method across merchant networks
• A medium for storage of value

ARTII coins is listed at BITTREX exchange for buying.


ARTII coins is listed at MEXC
exchange for buying.