ARTII Staking Program

ARTII Foundation has introduced the staking program, which can be applied from app and all stakers can start to receive rewards along with the principle,once after staking period ends.

What is ARTII staking?

ARTII Staking offers a meaning of earning a return on your assets without actually having to sell it. The barriers of entry are rather low, since there’s no expensive hardware needed for doing staking. For most of traders and investors, knowing that ARTII staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain assets by blockchain.

How does staking work in DeFi?

DeFi allows you to make a stake assets using ‘smart contract’ — which is basically a piece of software that executes when certain preconditions have been met. DeFi uses a given blockchain to facilitate the trade of many kinds of financial product.

DeFi staking provides a passive income to investors without asking them to collaborate with organisations whose motives are clear,staking tends to be cheaper,since there are no middlemen to worry about.

How to stake in DeFi platform?

If you’re staking using a DeFi platform then you’ll be essentially lending your coins over to the platform. They will then use the coins to invest in projects via decentralised finance.

In the case of ARTII coins, all the staked coins will be locked once staking is applied by the investors and it will return with principal and rewards once after the staking period.

ARTII Staking Plans

ARTII Foundation has provided the following staking plans with best rates of rewards.
- 15% APY with lock of 6 months duration
- 36% APY with lock of 12 months duration

15% APY with lock of 6 months duration 36% APY with lock of 12 months duration