ARTII NFT Marketplace

The ARTII NFT Marketplace offers functionalities such as listing an NFT for trade, performing a trade through buy and sale operations, and displaying order details. It serves as a non-custodial decentralized NFT exchange protocol that works similar to traditional decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap, but with the difference that it is reserved for NFTs. Using the ARTII NFT Marketplace, content creators, artists or gaming developers are able to exchange their NFTs directly from a pool of buyers and sellers.

ARTII NFT Marketplace uses liquidity pools and automated market makers (AMM) with the added feature of oracle implementation for better price discovery and seamless liquidity. It utilizes an advanced market making mechanism. In contrast, its price discovery mechanism allows it to use average price oracles to retrieve assets’ accurate market prices as input.

Marketing Strategy

The ARTII Social Video Platform allows anyone to participate as a curator, creator, or copyright holder, and can earn just by sharing daily life such as photos and videos anytime, anywhere, and participating in discussions.

Word of Mouth marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing is one of the most effective method for promotion of a project, as it can yield direct effects on someone who is being promoted or recommended to our project.

Email marketing

The main purpose of using email mailings in our strategy is to increase the conversion rate of other marketing channels. We plan to collect email addresses of potential players using Display Advertising or Affiliate Marketing and build email communication with users.

Press Releases

Press releases are a tried-and-true method of getting once message into a community. It will not only help our community getting updated but also inform new audience towards by keeping them engaged.

Crypto Expos

To spread our message to potential investors, we create awareness campaigns throughout the globe. We strive to participate in Crypto Expos as well as in blockchain conference. Moreover, we will also sponsor mega events. .

Strategic Alliances

We will partner with key real estate agencies, brokers and merchandisers around the globe, which would serve beneficial for both of the parties and help in enhancing acceptability of the ARTII Token.

Bounties and Airdrops

The management at ARTII also aim to conduct airdrop sessions and bounty campaigns whereby community is required to perform certain tasks e.g. translation of the website or the white paper, promotion across social media etc. and in return get rewarded with ARTII Token.

Marketing Plan

Lots of NFT is getting useless especially when Artist is registered but since they are not famous,sales of the art work is not high.In majority sales are low.But ARTII concept is different.Our goal is to provide a platform for Artist and all their artworks will be sold out. So we are very serious about choosing artists’ work and NFT too. ARTII platform can’t be registered by artist, only possible by agent.Therefore agent care for good artist works and curated managing & marketing together. ARTII provide lot of beneficial for agent, for example Airdrop, Rewards, Profit shares,Global marketing.Agent can get lot of business opportunity at ARTII Platform, same way almost all Artist NFT will be sold out on our platform.

Road Map

Select the desired 3D model in the virtual showroom,You can
participate in the NFT


Development Roadmap


ARTII coins is listed at BITTREX exchange for buying.


ARTII coins is listed at MEXC
exchange for buying.