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ARTII envisions to create an ecosystem for non-fungible assets by harnessing the potential of blockchain and tokenization. It strives to unlock the liquidity of non-fungible assets such as art-work while helping their owners to monetie their intellectual property rights.



* ARTII launched NFT platform that has partnered globally with museums,collectors, galleries and artists to offer authentic rare,unique and cool one of a kind NFTs form names such as Picasso,Andy Warhol,Alfredo Versace etc.
* ARTII acts as an one-stop-shop for painters/agents who want to tokenize their paintings or who want to trade their painting assets, and investors who wish to access painting projects.
* ARTII ecosytem publishes ARTI Dollar for staking related projects for providing reward benefits for their agency and artists.
* ARTI Dollar can use for biding,payments,staking,live auction for special NFT artist projects with mainnet of ARTI Dollar.


ARTII is a project of British Digital Asset Management, a London, United Kingdom- based conglomerate that strives to develop a blockchain infrastructure for tokenization of art-work and non- fungible assets such as art-work of famous artists like Picasso, Andy Warhol, Alfredo Versace. It enables content creators, artists, developers and entrepreneurs to tokenize their art-work or collectible items through the issuance of Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) while ensuring that the true ownership belongs only to them and they have a place where they can trade, liquidate and use their artwork as collateral for loans.

ARTII also facilitates the trustless exchange of non-fungible assets through a dedicated NFT based marketplace. It aims to work as an alternative for decentralized and censorship-resistant digital collectibles trading in a seamless, restriction-free, and cost-effective way.

Settlement Layer

The Settlement Layer consists of the Blockchain and its native protocol asset. It allows the network to securely store ownership information and ensures that any of the state changes adheres to the network ’s rule set.

Asset Layer

The Asset Layer consists of all tokens that are issued on top of the settlement layer. This includes the native protocol asset as well as any additional tokens that are based on token standards supported by the Blockchain(erc-721, erc-1155,etc).

Protocol Layer

The Protocol Layer ( provides standards for specific use -cases such as decentralized exchanges, debt markets, derivatives and on -chain asset management.

DeFi Application

These standards are usually implemented as a set of smart contracts and can be accessed by any user (or DeFi application ). As such, these protocols are highly interoperable.

Application Layer

The application layer creates user oriented applications that connect to individual protocols. The smart contract interaction is usually abstracted by a web browser -based front end, making the protocols easier to use.

Aggregation Layer

The aggregation layer is an extension of the application layer. Aggregators create user-centric platforms that connect to several applications and protocols.

ARTII Products and Solutions

ARTII NFT is a platform for the crypto industry that leverages blockchain and cryptography to decentralize the NFT market sector. It also offers an NFT based Art Ecosystem that would cater to the global industry’s needs. It acts as a one-stop-shop for painters/agents who want to tokenize their paintings or who want to trade their painting assets, and investors who wish to access painting projects.

Artii launched revolutionary NFT platform that has partnered globally with museums,collectors,galleries and artists to offer authentic rare.unique and cool. one of a kind NFT,s form names such as Picasso,Andy Warhol,Alfredo Versace.

Artii is the only platform that will make real rare ownership, accessible and affordable to million of users globally. while other platforms are trying to takeaway the jobs of thousands of art professionals, we at Artii support art dealers and agents by offering huge incentives for participating as ARTII agents. In addition, the world’s biggest artist paintings are getting listed at Artii Platform, which is impossible for others to get these global famous artist real assets but ARTII made it possible by getting to list the real assets of Picasso, Andy Warhol, Alfredo Versace.

1.5k Users
500+ Artist
102+ Countries

Revenue Model

ARTII serving as an ecosystem with multiple product offerings under its suite, has several revenue streams that are listed below.

• Revenue from the Artist Paintings
• Fee generated from the ARTII Social Platform
• Revenue from the ARTII Token
• Revenue from the gas fee on creation and issuance of NFTs on the ARTII NFT Protocol
• Revenue from the ARTII Lending and Borrowing Platform
• Revenue from listing and trading of NFTs on the ARTII NFT Marketplace

1.5k Marketplace
500+ Platform
102+ Paintings

ARTII coins is listed at BITTREX exchange for buying.


ARTII coins is listed at MEXC
exchange for buying.